Prom DJ & Disco, Exeter & Devon

We provide a Mobile DJ & Disco service that will make your Prom or Student Ball stand out from the rest. With a range of choices to suit different sized venues, audiences and budgets, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

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With a modern set up and a DJ knowledgeable on current music, Izaac James Disco is a fantastic choice for School Proms, College Events and University Ball functions in and around Exeter.

Prom DJ Options

Compact Disco set up

Small Mobile Disco Package Exeter Devon Wedding DJ Hire

For smaller venues, audiences and budgets, we’ve designed our compact show. This is similar in size to our competitors’ discos in and around Exeter, but of course with our classy look. Our compact Mobile Disco includes a quality, 2-speaker sound system, 4 moving mirror disco lights, 2 lasers, mirrored DJ booth, and a haze (light fog) machine if the venue allows.

Premium Disco & DJ Hire Exeter

Our unique premium package is what makes us special! An incredible sound and lighting setup, coupled with DJ Izaac James, makes for a fantastic event.

The key features of our premium package are:

Mobile Disco and DJ Hire Exeter and Devon - Izaac James
  • Top-of-the-range, 4-speaker Electrovoice ETX sound system. With crystal-clear sound and 7500 Watts of sound power, this is a fantastic choice for venues up to medium-large size.
  • Extensive lightshow with computer control. Most Discos (including our compact package) have automatic lighting – each light changes colour and moves randomly. However, with our premium package the lighting is controlled by a dedicated lighting technician – so we can produce slow, classy effects for first dances, and exciting, club-style lighting for later on.
  • Our unique, magic mirror DJ video booth. This glamourous DJ booth is a mirror during the day, but as soon as the lights go down the magic starts. It displays eye-catching video effects, and can even show your names or a monogram across the front (perfect for your First Dance!)

Mobile Nightclub Packages

For the largest Proms and Functions, our Extended Disco and Nightclub Hire packages offer an extra-large option.

Options include:

Mobile Portable Pop Up Nightclub Hire Devon - Hire Night Club sound system speakers lights DJ 18th 21st
  • An Earth-shaking 6-speaker sound system (with 11.2 kW of sound power). At over 140 Decibels (peak) this can go louder than most UK nightclubs and is a brilliant choice for large venues / loud events.
  • Larger lightshows, including lighting suspended above and around the audience (like a club). UV lights, strobes, video screens and more!
  • Special FX, like our festival-style vertical fog jets, make a huge impact!